Solo Show

10th-24th May2024

Bloom Gallery VLC

Carrer de Luis Oliag 17, 46004 Valencia

The Endless Revolution

My work is a foray into understanding the world behind our own. Icons and Dreamscapes make up the subjects of most of these paintings. These are the beings and ideas that exist in the subtle layer and the places they inhabit. They are painted with a visceral impressionism that follows their dreamlike nature. These are paintings of heroes and gods, demons and fairies and the spaces that they roam and hide, only to be found in dreams and stories. 

The Art of
Aubrey Ramage-Lay

multidisciplinary artist and writer

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I remain, largely, a mystery to myself.

Literary work

Recently, I have returned to writing as my primary creative focus. I have finished several novels, published one and am actively looking to publish the others. I also write magazine articles, poetry, essays and short stories for various anthologies.

Other projects

All forms of art interest me. I do pottery and make jewelry. I design, print and paint 3D objects. I also enjoy photography and in general making magical objects.

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